Rahbar Ansari, founder and CEO of Gandak HospitalRAHBARANSARI DSC_3303

Rahbar Ansari founded Gandak Hospital in 2011 as a clinic to provide proper healthcare to the public at affordable prices. Gandak provides its services in Birgunj, a region found heavily lacking in proper healthcare administered by skilled personnel. He is the current CEO providing strategic and operational leadership.  Among his personal work and support for the community, Rahbar attended the International Youth Conference in Seliger, Russia. First in 2010 as a trainer and again the following year (2011) as a participant. He was also selected from Nepal to participate in the Republic of China (Taiwan)’s International Youth Week – Centennial Home Stay in 2011.

The needs of the community have always come first to Rahbar. Neo-natal and infant deaths were major health issues and Gandak now houses a dedicated full time pediatric sector and has the only neo-natal clinic in the entire region. In 2013-14 he served as the Project Coordinator for Nepal in Life3 (live innovation for environment, entrepreneurship and Employment) along with other voluntary areas like Global-preneurship, which brings positive changes in rural areas and promotes employment and entrepreneurship. He has also established an NGO that provides free health care for the underprivileged through charitable donations.

Rahbar Ansari is also the current Vice President of the National Center for Community Development (NCCD), an NGO initiated by committed local youths that aims to improve the overall situation of the Dalit, ethnic, marginalized and disadvantaged community by mainstreaming them in community development process through their active participation. Spreading positivity among the youth has always been a large part of Rahbar’s life.

He has also served as joint secretary and secretary for the Rotary Club of the Birjung Metropolis. Mr. Ansari is currently serving as the Project Director. His work with the Rotary Club has seen him attend meetings and conferences at Milan and Ptuj and provide with various papers outlining areas of healthcare development.

Rahbar is very well travelled, always looking for new projects to take part. So far, Rahbar has been to over 6 countries in Asia, 10 in Europe and to several remote places in Africa while promoting various healthcare issues and youth development. He is fluent in three languages. English, Nepali and Hindi. Using his experience and know how to better serve others.

Rahbar Ansari is a bachelor of business administration. He has recently been selected to be among the 5 applicants for the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) scholarship out of over 15,000 applicants.

Rahbar absolutely loves what he’s been able to achieve and will continue to help people. Being at the forefront of medicine in Birgunj is a big responsibility and one he does not take lightly. Other health organizations consult and refer patients to Gandak with increased regularity. Today, in 2016 Gandak has passionately been turned into the largest private hospital in the region.